When your latex garment needs to be cleaned gently hand wash it in warm water with a latex cleaner. Once clean, carefully wipe off excess water with a towel then hang dry. When dry reapply talc powder to the inside of your garment. Reapply a latex shiner whenever you are going to wear the garment. 

Do not attempt to tumble wash/dry, iron or dry clean your latex. 



Be sure to store your latex in a dry and cool area where there is no exposure to sunlight (hung in the closet in an opaque garment bag or bagged in a drawer, etc.) Any longterm exposure to sunlight will dull the shine of the garment.

Avoid contact with metal (hangers, etc.) 

Avoid contact with sharp objects as they could puncture and split the latex.

Some different colors of latex tend to color transfer so to be safe store your colors separately.